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How to invite a Hotmail contact to Skype

Skype is the instant messaging service and video-calls , free to talk, see, send messages and share files with other people who use it. It is a very successful software used by millions of users around the world. Without a doubt it is a most useful tool to communicate with our family and friends without leaving our Hotmail or Outlook account.
Steps to follow to invite Skype

- First of all we must access the main Hotmail page and access the service with our username and password.
- When entering the input tray, look for the icon that represents a panel, which is located in the upper left margin, next to the legend
- Click on this icon and open a tab with different options: Contacts,, Calendar, One Drive ... The one we are interested in is Contacts , a red square that contains some images that represent two people. Click on "Contacts".
- Next, a new window opens at . In it we have all our contacts. In the upper area we find the section "People found on Skype . " The system tells us which people are using Skipe and tells us: "Invite these contacts from your address book to join your Skype contact list. You can call, send messages and share content with them, wherever they are. "
invite to skype
Simply click on the "Invite " link below any of them to have our invitation sent. The status then changes to "Invitation sent" and the color of the link changes to gray.
Now you can invite your Hotmail or Outlook contacts, family and friends, to communicate with them through Skype. As you can see, Hotmail makes it very easy for you.

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Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail and Xbox are down leaving users locked out of accounts

Angry Microsoft users took to social media to blast the internet giant after being unable to access accounts

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Hotmail email Log in with Windows Live Mail

One of the services that Hotmail gives us to make more pleasant the revision of the messages in the inbox or to send a message from our account is Windows live Mail a quite interesting desktop application, because it gives us all the options that we can have in our online Hotmail email account.
windows live mail
If you recently downloaded to your Windows Live Essentials computer and still do not know how to use the services of this, then I leave you with the steps to follow to log in from Windows Live Mail.
To log in from Windows Live Mail , you must follow the following steps:

  • Enter the Windows Start button
  • From the search engine, type the word Mail
  • Select the Windows Live Mail option that will appear within your searches
  • From the top right menu of Windows Live Mail, click on the option Start session
  • Enter your email in the Windows ID box
  • Enter your password in the corresponding box
  • Click on Log in
  • And ready! Now you can start using your Windows Live Mail service directly from your computer's desktop.

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Microsoft suffers authentication outage as Outlook, Hotmail and Skype users are locked out of accounts

Comms pound to a halt. Once more.

Numerous clients can't sign in to Microsoft benefits today

Microsoft has provided the accompanying statement, which proposes the login issues are progressing:

"We know about reports that a few clients are experiencing issues marking in to a few administrations. We are exploring this issue."

The statement is credited just to "a Microsoft representative".

Unique story:

Microsoft appears to have endured a blackout with its verification servers, prompting numerous clients being bolted out of administrations.

Administrations incorporate Outlook mail and Skype, with Xbox Live likewise demonstrating a "Restricted" live state. Other Microsoft administrations could be influenced as well.

The issue appears as a standard Microsoft account login screen proclaiming right passwords mistaken, or generally saying a record doesn't exist totally.

Applications, for example, Google's Gmail application will - in Computing's background - dispatch a program to endeavor to determine an "erroneous" secret word, at that point just close the program again after a watchword is entered, however keep on flagging up a wrong secret word inside the application.

Clients have taken to Twitter and Reddit to voice their own particular concerns and encounters, with DownDetector demonstrating an inexorably irregular number of reports around the Office 365 environment from around late morning UK time ascending to a crest around 2pm.

Rehashed testing of our own Microsoft accounts soon after 2pm appears to indicate benefits currently reestablished. Figuring has reached Microsoft for input, and is sitting tight for an announcement by "fitting contacts" at the organization.

Microsoft's legitimate Twitter channel has been reacting to clients with the accompanying explanation meanwhile:

Hotmail and Skype users are locked out of accounts

"Sorry for the burden. We think about the issue and are at present dealing with the determination. Demand you attempt and login again following a couple of hours."

It can be gathered that the record get to issues are by one means or another tied up with Microsoft Azure, which controls the entrance servers for Microsoft online capacities and was observed to be to blame amid a progression of blackouts in late 2015.

In those days, email security firm Mimecast's digital versatility master David Hood stated:

"Developing reliance on unadulterated Microsoft cloud biological communities could see occasions, for example, the present Azure blackout dramatically affect business profitability.

"The thing to ask ourselves in a cloud-first world is what is our digital versatility procedure for when Azure, Office 365 or another basic cloud benefit goes disconnected?

Indeed, even in the realm of the cloud, associations require a progression intend to continue working when their essential supplier winds up inaccessible."

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How To Backup Your Gmail with a Free Windows Live Account

Recently a small number of Gmail users found that all of their email and folders were missing. While Google still works on fixing the problem, let’s take a look at how you can backup your Gmail account with a free Windows Live Mail Hotmail account.
1. The first thing you’ll need to do is sign into your most important Gmail account(s). Click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner then click Account Settings.
2. Click on Gmail Settings.
3. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and click to enable POP for all mail (even mail that’s already been downloaded) this will ensure you have everything that’s in your Gmail Inbox.
4. Make sure to save your settings.
5. Now head over to the Windows Live Mail site and start an account if you don’t have one already, or use an existing one. For this tutorial, we’ll set up a new account and name it something like “” …or anything that’s available and helps you remember what the account is for.
Make sure to verify your new account by clicking the link Live Mail sends you.
6. After signing up for a new Windows Live Hotmail email account, go to your inbox and click Options >> More options.
7. Then in Hotmail Options under Managing your account click on Sending/receiving email from other accounts.
8. Then click Add an email account.
9. Enter in your Gmail account credentials and click Next.
10. Now select to add the Gmail messages from your Inbox or a separate folder. In this instance we selected to add it to a folder and named it Gmail Backup…click Save.
11. Now you will have all of your Gmail backed up to Windows Live Mail for free.
After setting Live Mail to retrieve emails from Gmail, walk away if you have a ton of mail…it will take a long time for it to populate. There are other ways to back up your Gmail with online services like Backupify or locally to your hard drive using an email client like Thunderbird.
There are several ways to backup your email if the mighty Gmail goes down. What method do you use? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Microsoft’s fix for Hotmail woes: Google Chrome

On the off chance that you've been encountering challenges getting to your Hotmail account, possibly you oughta change to Google Chrome. That is kinda what Microsoft has encouraged to its disappointed clients who keep detailing a series of issues that ruined an ongoing Hotmail upgrade.

People on Microsoft's gatherings are portraying a cluster of issues while getting to the new Hotmail interface, including scripting mistakes, unforeseen stops, and aggregate stoppages.

Here's Microsoft reaction:

A few clients have shown that on the off chance that they utilize Google Chrome to see their Hotmail account they never again experience this issue.

To make an already difficult situation even worse, the webmail benefit displays less hiccups in the most recent forms of Safari and Firefox, despite the fact that it's not totally sans bug on those programs.

The new Hotmail benefit is perfect with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. That is a prominent takeoff from Microsoft's unreasonable conduct in the past when they would deliberately handicap their web benefits on match programs. Hotmail email , now known as Windows Live Mail, claims 350 million clients, enough to obscure Google's prevalent Gmail.

The most recent Hotmail refresh has upgraded the UI while including Microsoft's SmartScreen garbage channel innovation, incorporation with Windows Live social sustains, and the capacity to see, alter, and share Microsoft Office archives in Hotmail, regardless of whether you don't have Microsoft Office introduced on your PC.

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Hotmail PVA Account

Hotmail is second most famous mail on earth. Web advertisers and site design improvement expert and site promoters and email advertisers require numerous email ids to information exchange and making profiles and so on.

Hotmail is result of Microsoft Bing. presently it is called too. Hotmail is more well known than standpoint mail.

Hotmail PVA Account

We have Phone confirmed Hotmail Accounts available to be purchased. We have physically made hotmail accounts which you can utilize worldwide in any nation IP.

Hotmail PVA Account

No danger of boycott or additional verification.All are made in US IP. You can utilize them life time. We don't exchange same records. I will give you email secret word and number in exceed expectations sheet.

You can spare your valuable time and can do things speedier with help of these as of now made records.

Cost of 40 confirmed record of Hotmail accounts is $10 . We can supplant till 7 days on the off chance that you confront any issue.

We convey inside 2-3 days after request. So arrange now and take advantage of this.

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