The Hotmail service that is part of Microsoft's portfolio has problems that can cause a lot of users to get cold sweat and restless sleep. Immediately at the turn of the year, many inboxes running on Hotmail servers have erased incoming emails, including those that have been categorized by users into other folders. Viewing the empty inbox has thus caused a number of users at least a shock. Other users then noticed the inability to log in to their own e-mail. Additionally, the system reports that these mailboxes do not exist and allows new names of these mailboxes to be registered.
 Hotmail inbox
Microsoft has not yet spoken about the issue. It is not known how many users affected these issues and whether they are irreversible errors, or whether Microsoft will resolve the issue somewhat elegantly by recovering a certain backup. The next few days will give an answer whether it is a fiasco of enormous proportions or just a bug of a system that can be relatively easy to remedy. Hotmail login has been running since 1996, so many users have more than a decade of email history in their mailboxes. So if it turns out that Microsoft has failed, we can expect dozens of lawsuits at least in the US.